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INTIMIDATED AT THE GYM? DON'T BE. Don’t be intimidated at the gym. Not everything you see at the gym should be emulated. Not every example should be followed.  It is important to respect your own journey. Someone else's journey is just that. Your journey is yours, and that is the way it should be. People do some incredible work at the gym. Sometimes I'm in awe of what I see. Sometimes I cringe. My cautious nature always takes over. I wonder how long people can sustain what they are doing and what the condition of their body will be perhaps 30 years from now ( or by the end of the day) if they maintain that pace too long. Sometimes you may be shocked by what you see people doing at the gym. Other times you could feel demoralized by someone else’s better body. Just get over it. Remember that it's important to follow your intuition on how to treat your body. Love your unique journey.  What you observe on any given day at the gym is sort of like reading one page of a book. One page doesn't tell the whole story. With longevity in mind, use moderation when it comes to working out. Excess works against a body and is not a good thing. Doing more that an appropriate amount is unnecessary and can wear you out rather than build you up. Sometimes example teaches us how not to behave. It’s important to remember that observing something at the gym is not a measure of what is wise to do. Approach your workouts intuitively and make adjustments based upon the moment you are experiencing. Love your body and your journey.
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