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CHEMICALS ARE THE CULPRIT Try as much as humanly possible to stick to eating food that is in its original condition- food that hasn’t been altered in any way. Only God can make a tree. Everyone seems to accept that. But it’s acceptable for chemists/food scientists to make the food we eat, right? It shouldn’t be. Chemical additives have become a significant part of our national diet.  We have become a nation that relies on food made in factories. Farming has changed over the decades of your life. Change always needs to happen with integrity. There are usually issues with integrity when money is a factor. Changes in the world of farming have been driven by profit- often without integrity. We believe in capitalism in this country so we’re in favor of making a profit. Something dreadful has gone wrong with food manufacturing. Drugs and chemicals aren’t all bad. Both are substances that have an intended physiological effect on our body. Both are substances other than food that will affect the structure or function of the body. Even if safety of a drug or chemical is not an issue, the drug or chemical still has an effect. The chemical additives in prepared and highly processed foods were put there for a reason. Identifying their effect is not a labeling requirement. Nutrition is a non-issue. Ultimately a primary purpose of additives in foods is to somehow some way get you to buy them. A doctor has to tell you why he is prescribing certain drugs for you but companies don’t have to tell you why their chemicals of choice are in your food. Leveling that playing field would be a good idea. Salt, sugar, and fat are big buzz words in the world of food today. To some extent these three ingredients are misunderstood and are getting a bad rap because they are the tools of manipulation used by food industry giants, along with chemical additives, to trick us into buying all sorts of garbage food, all the while ignoring nutrition. Dollars don’t have a conscience. Dollars don’t care about your health. You’re buying the stuff. You must be happy with it, right? It’s a free world after all. Remember that everything has a price. Of course people have all kinds of dietary issues due to medical issues.  Allergies and issues involving sugars and proteins are serious issues. For these reasons we need more research into foods and how they affect different people so that everyone’s nutritional needs and enjoyment can be provided for. We don’t need manipulation and engineering of our food supply. It's not hard to stay slim if you avoid foods with chemical additives. If you only eat real whole food- pure food-it’s easy to make food selections of varying calorie content so you can control your total calories. You don’t want to consume food that isn’t nutritious as well as delicious and you certainly don’t want your hunger signals manipulated, distorted, or otherwise affected by chemicals that you don’t even know you are eating. Avoid processed, chemically laden foods.
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