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20 BENEFITS OF WEIGHT TRAINING The benefits of exercise are commonly accepted these days. Anything you choose to do is better than nothing, provided it isn’t creating problems for your body. In addition to all the commonly accepted advantages of exercise in general, weight training has some advantages that surpass everything else. 1.       FASTEST, MOST TIME EFFICIENT WAY TO WORK OUT. Your results will be visible in your mirror, over your entire body, sooner than with any other exercise choice.  Weight training is the fastest way to get visible results while expending the least amount of time. 2.       BURN FAT EVERYWHERE ON YOUR BODY. Having muscle tone everywhere facilitates your body burning fat everywhere- no matter where it is on your body. 3.       TONE YOUR BODY EVERYWHERE, OR WORK ON SPECIFIC AREAS.  You can’t really spot reduce, but you can spot build. You can work to add shape and contour to specific muscles- specific areas of your body, in order to add definition. As you continue to become fit and toned, you’ll get more shape- that nice definition- when you can tell a shoulder from a bicep or glutes from legs- as separate entities. If you’re simply losing weight, but not working out, you can’t target fat loss in a certain body area. If you are weight training while you are losing weight, you will gradually see your fat disappear, as your new shape emerges. 4.       EASY TO LEARN. There are some important things to learn and do correctly, but nothing is complicated or difficult. The movements are either “up-down” or “in-out”. View training videos at 5.       METABOLISM WILL INCREASE. As with any exercise, you will burn a few extra calories while you are exercising. More importantly, as you continue to train with weights, you’ll change your body’s ratio of fat to muscle. We know that muscle at rest burns more calories than does fat while resting. Having more muscle your body will burn calories at a more rapid rate, even while you’re sleeping. So when you tell people that you are getting your beauty rest, you won’t be kidding! 6.        IT DOESN’T HURT. People sometimes think exercise will hurt. There is a difference between muscle soreness when you are not accustomed to using your muscles, and pain. With weight training there is no huffing and puffing or sweating. No matter how out of shape you are, it should not hurt. If it does you are probably working out too hard. 7.       IT FEELS GOOD. As your body gradually accepts the weights, you’ll find yourself saying ‘this feels so good’. Your body will actually crave the exercise movements. People with certain health issues (fibromyalgia& arthritis), report feeling better after starting a weight training program. People who have an injury report feeling better after bringing blood flow into an injured area by working muscles surrounding the injured area. 8.        WORK OUT PRIVATELY OR IN PUBLIC. Some people don’t want to be seen while they aren’t looking their best. Other people are energized by showing off an already toned body. With weight training you have the choice. 9.       GOOD FOR A BEGINNER OR ADVANCED PERSON. Weight training can be individually stylized for anyone. You can start where you need to start. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or advanced, weight training can meet you at your current condition. Weights start as light as 1 pound. 10.   PROGRESS SLOWLY AND COMFORTABLY. As your body accepts the weights you can adjust your workout. There is never any rush for a result and no pressure to perform. Fitness is a process and never a destination. The only goal is to do it- on your terms. 11.    COST IS MINIMAL. You don’t need to belong to a gym to weight train and there are no transportation costs either. Dumbbells can be purchased second hand. It is very important to have just a few sessions with a personal trainer to make sure your form is good. You can become familiar with the movements by watching videos on line before you go to a trainer. Doing this can shorten the amount of time you may need with a trainer. Less time means less money. If you are self- motivated you can easily work out on your own as soon as you have learned the movements. 12.   CREATES ENERGY. If you are one of those people who is exhausted before your day is over, you can benefit from even a short weight workout. You will be energized from your work out and ready to finish your projects. 13.   PROMOTES HEALING. Increased blood flow and oxygen, resulting from even brief weight workouts, will heal you faster. 14.   HALTS BONE LOSS. Load-bearing exercise (weight training is load bearing) is known to increase bone-marrow production and halt bone loss. The “overhead press” may be the single most important exercise for women who are prone to osteoporosis. 15.   SLOWS DOWN THE AGEING PROCESS. Your body will not deteriorate as quickly as other people your age who don’t work out with weights. As we age, people typically lose muscle mass. You will be retaining, or even increasing, your muscle mass as a direct result of weight training. 16.   BUILDS SELF IMAGE AND SELF ESTEEM. Weight training will help you become the best that you that you can be, mentally and physically. Making good choices for yourself and seeing positive results will improve how you feel about yourself. 17.   IMPROVES COGNITIVE ABILITY. Many people report an improved clarity of mind from the energy they create from working out. Just as the mind can teach the body, the body can teach the mind. 18.   SET A GOOD EXAMPLE.  The most common way that people learn is through imitation. Because weight training can be done at home where your family or housemates can easily see you, you’ll be leading by your good example, in a very subtle way. You won’t have to say a thing. 19.   USE OTHERWISE WASTED TIME. It’s possible to do one set of a weight training movement in as little as 30 seconds. If you have your dumbbells close to your laundry room or your kitchen, you can take a “bits and pieces” approach to your workout. You can capture otherwise wasted minutes, scattered throughout your time at home, and work out your entire body, simply by using your otherwise wasted minutes. If you’re watching TV, commercial breaks are a great time to squeeze in a set or two. 20.   VERY LITTLE SPACE IS NEEDED. Weight training can be done in the smallest of spaces. You could actually do an entire workout sitting on a chair or sofa.
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